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News and Blogs
Move&Learn Website to Feature Products Soon
Move&Learn’s official website is up and running. Apart from sharing the journey of Move&Learn’s educational products the website will soon reveal details of various products along with all updates related to Move&Learn. Not only this, but the website also enables you to shop online via the eshop. Browse happily and visit www.moveandlearn.com
News and Blogs
Move&Learn’s Inspirational Force
While movement remains a powerful aid for learning cognitive skills for all students, for some students it’s the only way they can learn. In order to remain mainstreamed in the classroom, many students learned to sublimate that movement so it’s out of sight. The most common of those movements is the “bouncing knee.” Move&Learn products are designed so that rather than hiding the need to move, it becomes an essential part of the learning process. As a result, not only do Move&Learn products improve both cognitive learning and memory-retention of the subjects being taught, they’re designed to significantly improve eye-hand and eye-foot skills required for success in physical activities and sports.
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