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Make Learning Fun

Researchers have identified 8 ways that children and adults learn with the most universal being Bodily/Kinesthetic Learning; i.e. learning cognitive skills through movement. It’s a process that begins to accelerate with crawling and the development of bilaterality skills. While movement remains a powerful aid for learning cognitive skills for all students, for some students it’s the only way they can learn.

In order to remain mainstreamed in the classroom, many students learned to sublimate that movement so it’s out of sight. The most common of those movement being the “bouncing knee.” Move&Learn products are designed so that rather than hiding the need to move, it becomes an essential part of the learning process. As a result, not only do Move&Learn products improve both cognitive learning and memory-retention of the subjects being taught, they’re designed to significantly improve eye-hand and eye-foot skills required for success in physical activities and sports.

Our Beginning…

Biography of Barry Traub

I'm best known as the former Senior Vice President of Product Development for Sportime®;* the physical education catalog I was brought to Atlanta in 1980 to create. Some of you know me because you're part of an elite group of teachers collecting royalties on product ideas that represented approximately 15% of the more than 1,600 Sportime Innovations I brought to market between 1980 and 2009.

Some of you know me as the founder of pe-talk and, after its incorporation of NASPEL, “naspe-talk.” In part, my ability to design is, in part, the sum total of an education that began with 5 semesters as a C.C.N.Y. Mechanical Engineering major before earning my BS Ed. in Physical Education in 1968 and an MS Ed. in Health Education from Lehman College in 1970, Before leaving teaching, I taught Physical Education at Bronx Community College and, as one of only 3 teachers licensed at the time by the NYC Bd. of Education to do so, 8th-grade sex education at IS 144 in the Bronx. From my very-first product innovations in the mid 70's (wheelchair-height-adjustable pool, bumper-pool, shuffleboard and table-tennis tables (some with removable sidewalls) and my first catalog, “Recreation Equipment for the Handicapped".

One of my 2 primary product-design focuses has been on “Inclusion". The other focus has been on teaching cognitive skills through movement. I took both full-throttle during my 29 years at Sportime, beginning in 1983 with the design of products that epitomize “Inclusion” & “Bodily/Kinesthetic Learning;”the Sportime VB- TrainerTM and Utility/SequencingTM Balls & Beanbags. The former was the world’s first Volleyball-Trainer and the later was not only the world’s first gross-motor product to be sold in 6-color sets comprising of the 3 each primary and secondary colors but the world’s first 6-color product sets to be both sequentially-numbered in the correct color-wheel order and be supported by both counting dots and number words in English, Spanish and Canadian French. More than 2 decades later I would become the first product designer to add Mandarin. Though I'm proud to say that the products I've designed have changed the way PE is taught worldwide, I'm even prouder to say that, with the products in this digital catalog and more than 100 more in development... I’m just warming up.

*Sportime®, VB-TrainerTM and Utility/SequencingTM are trademarks of the Sportime physical education division of School Specialty, Inc. and not affiliated with Move&Learn®