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Move and Learn's Aim

Move and Learn products have been designed and developed by one of the leading trainer ball manufacturers, Barry Traub (best known as Senior Vice President of Product Development for Sport Time). The products designed by him have changed the way Physical Education is being taught at schools.

The logo of Move and Learn itself promotes learning. It includes AmpersandMan (the pogo-stick hopping mascot). The reason this mascot has been included in the logo is to make the logo of “Move and Learn” a constant reminder that movement is not only educationally and physiologically beneficial, it’s fun as well. Join him on the never ending journey with one objective i.e development of innovative products that not only improve cognitive, gross-motor and fine-motor skills, but cardiovascular fitness as well. In addition to physical educators, the current product range of Move and Learn emphasizes on meeting the needs of the 2 million classroom teachers responsible for 90% of all K-6 physical education and exercise.